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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wrapping up the characters

Okay, so a little bug kept me from bloggin, but I'm back now and ready to wrap up the last of our basic restaurant characters.  There will be many more characters introduced through the stories told, but I simply can't wait any longer to start telling my tales.

Richard and Rachel- the couple-  Rich and Rach will be the names of every couple you could find in a restaurant.  They work together, come in together, leave together, live together, eat together, and cover each others shifts.  This level of togetherness makes for a ticking time bomb.  They may have their nauseating moments with all the side station kissing and cuddling time, but the fights keep you coming back for more.   I'm not trying to say that the restaurant couple is funny when they fight, but that the couple is hilarious when they fight!  The fights can be triggered by anything, but the real humor comes when it's triggered by someone.  When jealousy rears its' ugly head the drama is most intense.  We'll have fun with the stories about these two.

Angie- the sick girl-  Angie, God bless her heart, is ALWAYS sick!  She's the girl you may not even be sure still works there.  She doesn't just get the simple flu or cold, oh no, that's for amateurs.  Angie comes down with the illnesses you can't pronounce.  Even when she is at work, it's not pretty. You almost feel bad for her guest.  "It's not contagious" just isn't a comforting comment coming from Angie.  However, if you are ever hard up for money and need to pick up an extra shift you can call Angie.  You never know it could be tuberculosis Tuesday or whooping cough Wednesday.

Oscar- the smelly guy-  Oscar should be sent home everyday!  Why are showers and deodorant such a difficult uniform requirement for management to enforce?  One whiff of Oscar could knock a buzzard off a shit wagon.  Oscar will be a decent worker, but still not the guy you want next to you and generally can clear out table40 when he sits down.

Eric- the terminated guy-  Eric was fired a long time ago and still comes back at least once or twice a month to drink and talk about all the people he doesn't know.  He'll still sit at table 40 like he never left, order a few beers, maybe some food, and finally before leaving will stick his head in the kitchen to say "what up" just in case someone didn't know he used to work here.  Generally speaking, Eric is a prick, but he tips well so we all put up with it.

Bob- the regular-  Bob has been coming here since the doors first opened.  He believes he deserves special treatment and attention.  Bob usually sits at the bar, but only a few people will serve him.  Bob is older and tells really bad jokes, sometime even inappropriate.  He loves Josh, Jennifer, and Larry too.

As I said there are many more characters that will show up in my stories, so let's just get started with the basic ones already portrayed. 


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