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Monday, January 17, 2011

Table 40 the start

If a restaurant is comparable to high school than table 40 is the cafeteria!  All kinds of duos, trios, and groups can be seen at this table.  You call them co-workers, I call them characters.  In this blog I will give them all names and voices for nothing more than an understanding and entertainment.  I'm hoping to seek the help of all my fellow restaurant workers in this plight.  If you identify with any of the characters i break down or have your own personality to share i am always accepting applications.  Lets start the shift....

Josh-  Josh will be the name of all the comedians or bullies depending on your perspective.  Regardless every table40 will have a Josh sit down.  He/She is that person who keeps you crying laughing.  Most of his/her material will derive from right within your restaurant staff.  This level of personal jokes makes it all the more funny.  You see, restaurants are nothing if not a sewing circle and the inside jokes that come about from it.  The funny thing about restaurant gossip is it is more current than the stock market, more scandalous than the tabloids, more intriguing than a paid day off, travels faster than the speed of light and very rarely is forgotten.  Josh will take this in the face material and have you laughing from table40 to the side stations, making comments that test the limits of politically correct.  We all need Josh.  Josh says everything we are all thinking but wouldn't dare say.  Josh will cross the line everytime.  Josh will always be late and never written up.  Josh will be tipped toed around and be friends with everyone.  Josh has worked there long enough that he may even be talked about in your orientation.  Josh is witty and charming.  Josh points to the pink elephant in the room grandly and does so with such a panache that he/she can get it off with out fail.  Outwardly everyone will laugh at Josh's comments, but secretly everyone looks at the "new guy"(to be described later) hoping that they are the competition Josh didn't see coming.  Like a lunar eclipse every Josh will have his day.  Till then share your Josh stories and keep us all laughing.  "The Day Josh Got His" stories are welcome as well.  Tomorrow I will introduce  "Jennifer", the party girl. 

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