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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More characters....

I mentioned yesterday after describing my first character, Josh, the comedian, that today's topic would be all about Jennifer, the party girl.  While I could go on for a while about the Jennifers' of the world, I couldn't stop thinking about all the other characters I want to introduce.  I was so excited and laughing at my own descriptions that I decided to keep the characters' profiles short and sweet for now so we can start telling our stories.  I can't wait! 

Jennifer-the party girl- Shot shot shot shot shot lol.  Jennifer is all about a good time.  She's a pretty girl who you can count on to show up at every party and club night.  Her name will also be present in most of the scandalous gossip the next day. 

Larry-the sports guy- Larry will always and only talk about sports.  He'll be the one to form football pools, poker games and spend most of his time glued to the game or sports center.

Ross-the hustler- Ross is usually "too cool for school", he'll pretty much do anything in the name of profit and recognizes the restaurant as a prime place to deal.  Ross is cool with everyone, but carries himself in a way that doesn't draw too much attention.

Chief- the trendy guy-  From head to toe Chief will come in everyday doing way to much.  Chief refuses to be just a server.  He will wear big dumb a** diamond earrings to compliment his apron.  His whole image will come off a little forced.  His attention to trends, fashion and his swagger will make you say hmmm.

Diane- the lifer-  Diane will always work here....always.  She can come in all forms good and bad, so I'll let the dialog describe her better.  Diane is probably older, and simply has a different lifestyle than a majority of her co-workers. 

Jason- the intellect-  Jason is very smart and will go out of his way to make sure you know that.  He will always bring up politics, religion and topics meant only for great minds.  If you dare not show interest or understanding you will meet his smug side.  Jason tends to be a little awkward when it comes to the ladies.

Angela- the crier-  Angela is a very sweet girl with very thin skin.  Angela will cry every shift without fail.  Nothing much is needed to trigger this, but it's usually triggered by a really "mean" guest or co-worker.

Sarah- the weeded girl-  Sarah is always "in the weeds"(too busy to see straight)!!!  Sarah gets so worked up over the process of retrieving two glasses of water you may think its not real the first time you see her.  Blood pressure pills may be needed in her presence. 

What these character do when they sit a table together is what this blog is gonna be all about.  We'll take a series of quick glimpses into their interactions and conversations.  I still have more characters to introduce tomorrow.  I'll break down the couple, the "cool" manager, the bartending team, the regular.  There are a lot of characters that come through any given restaurant and we must identify them all for a gut busting laugh later.  I would love to hear all your ideas too!

Can you think of a character I should include at the table?  Maybe you can add on to my characters.  Maybe you can give them a face.  What should Larry look like?  I picture him out of shape.  Nothing is more funny to me than a non-athletic sports guru.  I don't know.  Like I said I'm learning as I go.
Is there a story you thought of after viewing theses characters that you are dying to tell?  Remember, we don't want to shout anyone out so use these character names when you're writing your antidotes.
I'm all ears!  By the end of the week this blog is going to read like a great soap opera!

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